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Image by Ceyda Çiftci

29: Uncaged and Unhinged

Hi friends! My birthday is this week! Because of you, I've made it another year. Because I've made it this far, I want to celebrate-- and I can think of no better way to celebrate than with you. ☺️ If you're free this Saturday, April 9th, Iet's party!


I threw together this webpage to centralize details and easily make updates as need be. It's also on the Pain in the Assistant website (if you know someone who needs virtual assistant services... holla 😜)

Below the details, there is a survey. Please fill this out ASAP, as I need a headcount for the picnic. My wonderful neighbor Cynthia runs Honey N Blossom Picnics and will be setting everything up and making sure the day is a pure delight.  

Thank you again for making my life so special. I hope to see you on Saturday!

xoxo, Alexander

Image by Nicole Herrero

Picnic at the

Old Los Angeles Zoo

4801 Griffith Park Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027

get directions via Google Maps

11am - 3pm

  • Parking

    • There is plenty of free parking all around the area.

    • The earlier you arrive, the easier parking will be to find.​

  • Location​

    • We will be just outside the Old Zoo (at the address above).

    • You likely won't be able to miss us; BUT if you can't find me, send me a text and I'll drop a pin! ​

  • Food & Drink​

    • I will be providing some light food and drink options, but I'm ballin' on a budget!

    • I would suggest and appreciate bringing your own food and drink to fend off that hANGER and to make sure you stay sated. ​

  • Entertainment​

    • We will have yard games so prepare to laissez les bon temps roulez! 

    • Plan to explore the Old Zoo for a moment and maybe walk to the merry-go-round for a cute spin 🎠

  • Gifts​

    • Obviously, I won't say 'no thx' to a gift, but please by no means feel obligated to get me anything. Your company is so, so much more than enough and that is really all that I want! I'm throwing this picnic to thank YOU for being in my life. ​

Image by Lukas Schroeder

Skating at the

Moonlight Rollerway

5110 San Fernando Rd, Glendale, CA 91204

get directions via Google Maps


  • Tickets

  • Parking

    • There is a tiny parking lot, but a neighborhood nearby with plenty of free street parking usually. 

  • Venue​

    • For more info about the venue, see their Yelp page here. ​

  • Food & Drink​

    • Moonlight serves classic roller rink foods (pizza, etc.).

    • I am going to eat dinner beforehand but you should live your truth.

    • No outside food is allowed in. 😢

  • Gifts​

    • ⬅️ See the Picnic side ⬅️​

    • No gifts are allowed in the rollerway anyway SO DON'T EVEN TRY IT.


Survey Time ✨

If you have any trouble filling out the survey, click this link instead.

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