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  • Alexander Agent

My experience with COVID-19: From contraction, through isolation, to full recovery

Back in September, I tested positive for coronavirus. YUCK. A few weeks later, Trump contracted coronavirus, and so did several members of his administration and inner circle. The key takeaway here is I 👏 DID 👏 IT 👏 FIRST 👏.


Since testing positive, I have been asked three primary questions:

  • What was I doing when I contracted COVID-19?

  • Who gave it to me?

  • How am I feeling?

I decided to go Live on Facebook/ Instagram to answer these FAQs ✨en masse✨ and now, after deciding to start a blog, I am sharing my Live as the inaugural post. Timestamps are below for your convenience of picking and choosing which information is important to you.

00:01:04 -- Why tf I went LIVE in the first place.

00:02:05 -- How I felt in isolation.

00:02:27 -- "When you have COVID, you have to power to kill someone with your breath."

00:02:40 -- A quick story about walking my dog Cecil.

00:04:33 -- What was I doing when I contracted COVID-19? Who gave it to me?

00:05:10 -- Four moments of weakness that led to contracting COVID.

00:06:14 -- How am I feeling?

00:06:50 -- Acute headaches, dry cough, sneezing.

00:07:52 -- Canker sore.

00:08:27 -- My journey with losing my sense of taste.

00:09:27 -- How I experimented with losing my taste.

00:10:43 -- How long it took for me to begin tasting again.

00:11:30 -- My journey with losing my sense of smell.

00:11:50 -- How I experimented with losing my smell.


00:14:22 -- Dizziness, Fatigue, Brain Fog.

00:16:02 -- Anxiety

00:16:41 -- We are discovering new long-term effects of this virus everyday.

00:17:35 -- I have no idea what's going on in my body, but I am so lucky.

00:18:43 -- Testing positive, and knowing that your symptoms statistically have a good chance of becoming tremendously worse in a matter of moments is enough to give anyone anxiety. You are not exempt from that.

00:19:16 -- no one can tell you how to live your life. If you think you "know the truth" about coronavirus...

00:19:28 -- But if you're wrong...

While I was completely alone and isolated during my COVID-19 recovery, I realized two things: 1) Texture of food is not enough to say that food "tastes good;" and 2) I crave conversation. So, I decided to start a blog and create conversation with the world around me.

Obviously, this is post numero uno. I am working this out post-by-post, but I KNOW there will be kinks, and we might get kinky. And my perfectionist tendencies are attempting and will continue to attempt to prevent me from posting at all. But I promise I'll show up rain or shine. If you're interested in joining the conversation, sign up using the form below to be notified of future posts.

Until next time,



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