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Community for anyone who works anywhere.

You work from home, which is ✨excellent.✨ Maybe you even work on your own schedule, which is equally fantastic! You are embodying success every step of the way. Woohoo! 


But when you aren't at work physically, you don't get all the fun: the conversations, the camaraderie, the second opinions on your presentations, the tech help, the hot goss... 

This group is taking your old physical workplace community to the next level.

Expect weekly tips on building your work-from-home digital business skills (think easy email templates, calendar help). Expect humor so stupid-funny you'll need to change into another pair of comfy sweats (remember: we just have to keep it professional from the waist up). But most importantly, expect to find your people. This is your opportunity to join a group of people just like you (and me!) who want the freedom of working from home without sacrificing the benefits of workplace friendships. 

Enter your information below to join the #WFHBreakRoom Facebook group. Because you deserve a little extra love, I'll send you my easy-to-implement Inbox Zero Cheat Sheet.

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