Hi there! I'm Alexander Agent.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that my passion (or raison d'être, or joie de vivre, or whatever the French call it now) is providing help and support for other people. 

I am an LGBTQ+ comedian, writer, actor, blogger, educator, and all-around try-hard from Louisiana. After graduating with a degree in Biology from Baylor University as an Honors Scholar with Distinction, I decided to pursue a career in entertainment. Who does that?!


I worked my ass off to survive in Los Angeles, doing everything except entertaining. I was a server, a tutor, a veterinary tech, a caterer, a substitute teacher, an electronics specialist for big stores like Best Buy and Target, and I even dealt blackjack! My first stroke of luck in the entertainment industry was landing the role of... *drumroll*... a Talent Relations office assistant. Glitz and glamour of assistant work aside, I built up a super-wide range of professional skills that allowed me to work for National Geographic and then work for a chief executive consultancy in the tech industry.  

Now, I mainly do funny things and keep other things organized. And I write about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  



My #1 tip for organizing

your inbox.

Are you the person who sees a message and forgets to respond until hours or even days later? Or maybe you're having trouble staying on top of your inbox? In just a few minutes, you could be well on your way from an inbox that screams "ehh, no." to an "ooh! aah!"


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